Dominion History

27 years and counting


Our History

Dominion was founded in 1996 by families who wanted to provide their children with a quality independent-school education that would blend the proven methods of the classical approach, the cutting-edge advancements in contemporary math and science, and a Christ-centered worldview.

Dominion offers an oasis of learning that helps students develop wisdom and virtue that is needed to become leaders and to impact society.  That vision took root at the school’s inception, and Dominion was born as a K-6 independent school.

In 2001, the Board of Directors added grades 7-8; the upper school program was launched in 2009.  As Dominion grew, the school moved onto two campuses – the current Vale Road campus (grades K-6) in Oakton and, eventually, the current Isaac Newton Square campus in Reston (grades 7-12). Dominion opened its third campus in Potomac Falls in the fall of 2019 (grades K-2).

In the spring of 2023, Dominion acquired a new campus that could serve both Potomac Falls and Reston. This exciting chapter in Dominion's history is still unfolding, but it means that Potomac Falls and Reston will become the K-12 North Campus, and Oakton will continue as a K-6 South Campus.

While the campus changes are thrilling, one thing remains constant: Dominion serves nearly 300 students in K-12, providing a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that remains rooted in the classical Christian model of learning.

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